Who we are

The Cruz-Diez Art Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to preserving, promoting and transmitting the artistic and conceptual legacy of Carlos Cruz-Diez, a major kinetic artist and thinker of color theory of the 20th century.


Created in Houston, USA in 2005 at the Cruz-Diez family’s initiative and continued participation, the Art Foundation considers safeguarding the future of the artist’s works, his research on color, his life philosophy and artistic education its priorities.


Cruz-Diez has always included family in his work, making the next generation conscious of his legacy and through sharing their expertise.

What we do

The activities of the Cruz-Diez Art Foundation are diverse and globally-reaching. Our Collection of over one hundred artworks, donated by the artist, is available for lending to exhibitions, along with our curated pedagogical exhibitions. Thanks to privileged access to Cruz-Diez’s meticulously kept archives we are able to issue Certificates of Authenticity and update his Catalogue Raisonné.

These activities stem from our mission to preserve Cruz-Diez’s artworks, protect his image and check the information distributed about the artist. To date, our Art Foundation has organized 55 exhibitions in 17 countries, published or co-published 14 reference books and produced a mobile app. Another major activity involves reaching out to a new public audience of children and young people by developing pedagogical workshops.


Founded in 2005 by Carlos Cruz-Diez and his family, the mission of the Cruz-Diez Art Foundation is to foster the study and appreciation of Cruz-Diez’s life and work. We do this through research, exhibitions and educational programs worldwide.