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Catalogue Raisonné

Catalogue Raisonné

The Catalogue Raisonné of Cruz-Diez is a thorough index of his works of art containing detailed information such as the title, size, date of production, condition, provenance and pictures of each individual piece. Completion of the Catalogue Raisonné of Cruz-Diez is an on-going priority of the Cruz-Diez Foundation.


A catalogue raisonné is used to retrace the history of an artist’s work. Cruz-Diez has always been very methodical and organized in his approach. His extensive archive of blueprints, maps and original plans enables us to identify genuine pieces.

If you are in possession of a Cruz-Diez artwork and would like to have it verified by the Cruz-Diez Foundation we would appreciate you completing our verification form and providing high-quality images in order to aid our research. Please help us retrace history by telling your friends or institution with a Cruz-Diez piece to contact us.


The Cruz-Diez Foundation will not share your private information with third parties unless you authorize us to and will treat your personal details in the strictest of confidence.

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