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Shipping and Returns Policy

The Authentication Board of the Cruz-Diez Foundation meets every month.

To authenticate an artwork, the Authentication Board requires complete and accurate information about the piece:


  • The fully completed Application Form must be sent along with all the required high quality photographs of the artwork at least 15 days before the Board’s session. If the application is not complete by this date, it will be examined on the next session.

  • The applicant is committed to certify that all the information submitted can be relied upon and that the information regarding the ownership, and any other information concerning the work has not been withheld.

  • The Cruz-Diez Foundation will not accept an application that has not been duly signed.


All the provided information is confidential. In case the Cruz-Diez Foundation would need to use the information for the Catalogue Raisonné of Carlos Cruz-Diez, optional request for anonymity will be honored.


If the information and photographs the applicant submitted are not enough to authenticate the artwork, the Cruz-Diez Foundation will require a visual inspection of the artwork.


  • The applicant agrees to leave the artwork at the disposal of the Cruz-Diez Foundation’s experts in case they require a visual inspection.

  • If this becomes necessary, the Foundation will communicate the instructions for the shipping. Transport and insurance will be at the applicant’s own risks and expenses.

  • The Cruz-Diez Foundation cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the work during its transport.


If the artwork is identified as an original Cruz-Diez, the Cruz-Diez Foundation will deliver a Certificate of Authenticity with return receipt and signature of the applicant.


To apply for a certificate, please write to or contact us.

Issuance Fees

The fees for the investigation and the issuance of the certificate are:


  • Unique artworks and Editions (up to 8 exemplars): $1000 

  • Multiple artworks: $600  

  • Print: $300


Delivery fees are not included in those prices and are at the Client’s expense.

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