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About the Foundation
The Board of Directors

Brad Bucher

Luis Benshimol

Luis T. Campos

Gabriel Cruz Mendoza


Secretary of the Board

David Ayers 

Jorge Cruz Delgado †
Founder of the Cruz-Diez Foundation and son of Carlos Cruz-Diez

When we created the Cruz-Diez Foundation in 2005, I was honored to be its first President and thus carried out the first tasks of organizing and developing its activities. A select team has enabled it to carry out its work of preservation and promotion of the artistic heritage of Cruz-Diez.


After those initial tasks, we reached the most important achievement of the Foundation: organizing with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) the major retrospective of the work of Cruz-Diez. Now, under the chairmanship of my sister Adriana, the Foundation has moved on to other activities, especially of an educational and publishing nature, without neglecting the exhibitions that are constantly held to reach new audiences and generations.

I am sure that the Cruz-Diez Foundation, with Adriana in the lead, has all the resources necessary to keep on reaching further success and achievements.

The Team

Alejandro - Editorial Coordinator

Favorite Carlos Cruz-Diez quote: 

Do not complicate, simplify.

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