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Cruz-Diez at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Cruz-Diez Foundation celebrates the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai featuring Carlos Cruz-Diez at the France Pavilion.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromosaturation, 1965/2013 (Virtual image). France Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2021 Virtual image courtesy of Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris © Carlos Cruz-Diez / Bridgeman Images, 2021

This outstanding event, which was postponed from 2020, opened its doors to the public on Friday, October 1, 2021. For the next six months, it is expected to receive 25 million visitors from across the globe.

Expo 2020 Dubai is a beacon of innovation and progress with 200-plus pavilions. It is the latest iteration of World Expos that for 170 years have become a historic platform to showcase the newest technology and most impressive forms of creativity. This is the second time Carlos Cruz-Diez is participating at the World Expo, the first time being at The Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo '92).

The France Pavilion, designed by architects Atelier Perez Prado and Celnikier & Grabli Architects, will serve as a forum for French excellence and savoir-faire, promoting its innovations, talents, and assets. For six months, France will shine on the international stage by highlighting unique and daring French innovations and creations in all the fields that have made the history of humanity a history of progress: science, research, technology, arts and crafts, and education.

We are honored that Carlos Cruz-Diez will be part of the selected artists that embody French brilliance and creativity. In collaboration with La Patinoire Royale – Galerie Valérie Bach and Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris, as part of the France Pavilion’s tribute to French creation, works by Carlos Cruz-Diez are featured at the Belvédère and a Chromosaturation will be on view from Monday, December 13, 2021 - Friday, January 14, 2022.

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s works at Expo 2020 Dubai represent the France Pavilion’s ambition to inspire, bring out ideas, emotions, and to embody innovation. Much like Cruz-Diez, who, throughout his career, tirelessly explored the true nature of color. The Chromosaturation, an installation which, by making the viewer an active player and maker, reveals color to us as a luminous phenomenological reality, independent of any formal or symbolic structure, proves that color, and ultimately light, is an autonomous reality that evolves independently of any cultural references in time and space. Indeed, color is a universal reality, an ideal and unifying theme for this grand event.

WHAT France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

WHEN Works at the Belvédère will be featured from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022 The Chromosaturation will be on view from December 13, 2021, to January 14, 2022

WHERE Expo 2020 Dubai United Arab Emirates


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