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Created by Cruz-Diez specifically for the Cruz-Diez Foundation, each exhibition has been designed to inform a new public and delight connoisseurs. We have different propositions according to space availability and the intended viewers.


Museums, universities and cultural institutions wishing to share the work of Cruz-Diez either in a solo or collective exhibition are welcome to contact us. We offer a variety of ways to collaborate, ranging from loaning an artwork to providing a tailor-made intervention by Cruz-Diez for a specific space.

Our extensive archives are also open to curators and researchers who wish to collect information on Cruz-Diez's life for an exhibition.


Are you looking for a more involved and immersive type of collaboration?  The Cruz-Diez Foundation has experience of creating truly bespoke, solo exhibitions specifically to match your requirements and the intended space.

Our archives and experienced staff are on hand to partner with curators to produce exhibitions that are elevated beyond the norm.

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