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Circumstance & Ambiguity of Color


Experience Color!

How real are the colors you see? Have you ever questioned the limits of your perception?


CHROMA, the travelling exhibition about Carlos Cruz-Diez, is here to shake up the way you see the world. See color like never before and discover the full potential of your eyes!

What is CHROMA?

CHROMA is an invitation to go beyond what we think we know about color. Visitors not only fully engage in the discovery process, they are a key component of the artworks: as they move, they can see colors appear and disappear!


CHROMA is an immersion in the colorful world of Carlos Cruz-Diez, a highly influential figure of contemporary art. It showcases recent pieces specially created for this exhibition to provide an overview of Cruz-Diez’s work.


The experience continues outside the exhibition room with a series of interventions in the public space, a common practice for Cruz-Diez, who believes that art plays a central role in the city and in the community.

What does CHROMA have to offer?

Educational games help visitors to understand the science behind each artwork. They unveil the secrets of the phenomenon Carlos Cruz-Diez uses to paint color with light.


Three animated short movies walk you through the life and path of Carlos Cruz-Diez from his young years as an art student. Get inspired by his story and learn how an artist innovates, cultivates creativity, develops ideas, and applies them to a variety of fields… even where you least expect it.


The exhibition is composed of:


- 15 exclusive artworks by Cruz-Diez

- 2 immersive artworks

- Custom educational games for all audiences

- 3 short movies

- Walkways

Who is CHROMA intended for?

CHROMA is intended for all ages and all audiences. After a successful debut at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah (Georgia) with more than 29,000 visitors, it is now touring coast-to-coast until 2021.

Interested in hosting CHROMA?

CHROMA is available to all curators, art professionals, and art students who wish to host it in their museum or on their campus. For more information, please send us an email or call us.


This exhibition was made possible by the joint effort of the Cruz-Diez Art Foundation and Articruz (Panama), in collaboration with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). It was originally presented at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah (Georgia) and organized by Storm Janse van Rensburg, SCAD head curator of exhibitions, and SCAD alumna Raquel Serebrenik Sultan (B.F.A., Art History, 2015).


CHROMA is a 2017 Interior Design's Best of Year finalist in the exhibition category.

About Articruz

Based in Panama City, Panama, Articruz is a workshop that works with artists from around the world in the production and restoration of artworks, technical and artistic advice, materials research, development of constructive solutions, and art integrations in architecture and urban spaces. Articruz is committed to accompanying artists in the research, design, and production of their artworks using new materials and the latest technology. Founded in 2009, Articruz offers artists the knowledge and experience accumulated by Carlos Cruz-Diez and his family over a lifetime dedicated to art.

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