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Cruz-Diez: Color In Space and Time

Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color In Space and Time is a tailored exhibition and accompanying catalog that was first a collaboration between the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, the Cruz-Diez Foundation and Cruz-Diez’s ateliers in 2011. As the first large-scale retrospective of the artist, four years in the making and featuring more than 150 works, it is a testament to the hugely successful collaborative effort between curator and our experienced team. The 500+ page accompanying catalog was the recipient of the 2012 Virginia Fields Memorial Book Award, as given by the Association for Latin American Art.

The exhibition attracted nearly half a million visitors over a period of six months in Houston and went on to tour Latin America in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico City. It was thanks to privileged access to Cruz-Diez’s archives that we were able to source information relating to the location of artworks in record time, help with the restoration of works exhibited, provide photographs and text for the catalog and contribute part of the Cruz-Diez Foundation’s own collection to the exhibition. We have the tools, skills and knowledge to help in the development of another major exhibition of this kind alongside a curator.

Cruz-Diez: Color Espacial

Created at the request of the Fundación Centro Cultural Internacional Oscar Niemeyer, this exhibition was a landmark for the Avilés exhibition space in Spain, running from September 2014 to May 2015. Cruz-Diez wanted to create something unique that showcased Oscar Niemeyer’s contribution to the architectural world, and was presented with a unique set of challenges due to the curvature of the walls.


Unable to exhibit classical pieces due to the absence of flat surfaces, Cruz-Diez opted for an architectural integration comprising of a specially designed Induction Chromatique [Chromatic Induction] made of fabric, which descended from the high dome of the building. He also intervened the white columns with Induction Chromatique that echoed works by Cruz-Diez known as Cromovela’s and huge canvas strips printed with Couleur Additive [Additive Color] were glued to the curved walls. Viewers witnessed the interaction of his work not only horizontally but vertically, across several floors.

Elevated beyond a traditional exhibition, Color Espacial presented a true intervention on architecture highlighting Niemeyer’s unique design, inviting viewers to interact with the artistic and architectural experience of the space. The exhibition was twice extended, constituting a major event in the Asturian cultural world.

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